Episode 8: Waiting for Let’s Welly to Get Moving.


I was hoping this would be a reaction piece, but there’s nothing to react to, although Stuff reckon they had the inside running with this a few days ago.

I’m talking about Let’s Get Welly Moving of course.

Instead, my latest Traffic Jam is a set of wish lists from a couple of observers; one a  Wellington National MP, Nicola Willis, who has been very prominent in her criticism of the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s new bus network.

Selfy with Nicola Willis

Here she is doing a Selfie with me on the No 2 bus to Karori. I’m the one on the right.

Nicola is a National MP. As such, her views are a pretty good indication of how the mainstream is moving when it comes to transport. Or at least, how National views the mainstream is moving.

My other guest was Arron Cox from Generation Zero – as in zero carbon .

Arron isn’t so well versed in the art of politics, and forgot to get a selfie with me. But he sent a nice one from the slopes of Mt Taranaki.

Arron's selfie

That’s Arron on the left.

The set-up for this podcast was simple; two guests are given the time it takes the No 2 bus to get from Lambton Quay to Karori, to tell me what they want out of LGWM and why. Luckily, we were traveling off peak, so transit times were pretty much identical.

If you’re a fan of less catering for cars, you might find Nicola’s views aggravating. However, given Arron benefited from a private vehicle to get to the slopes of Mt Taranaki (and he’s a greenie) what would you suggest instead?

Who knows? By the time you read this the Government may have decided where it’s putting its money. I’m half hoping, in posting this, I’m triggering Murphy’s Law.

Happy listening.




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