Episode 2: Around town with a Tradie



I’d like to put some cards on the table.

I own half a car. I like driving.

But there’s no way our family would buy a second one. Given all the things we could do with the thousands of dollars needed to purchase another four wheels, it’s not worth it.  Even if our income increased by a quarter or more, I suspect we’d find better things to do with the extra dosh.

That’s why I cycle to work, that, and the fact it keeps me fit.

But I’m lucky. I have a choice.  Others don’t. My partner is a musician, she needs a car. And then there are all those people who need a motor vehicle not just to get to work, but to carry the tools and materials they need for the job.

That’s the ethos of The Traffic Jam; encouraging people to think outside, and beyond, their transport mode induced bubbles.

So before you condemn those whose mode choices you can’t understand, I invite you to spend some time in their shows, or in this case, their white van.

And while you’re at it, listen out for a special guest appearance from George the Cat, who likes cars, especially to sleep on.

Happy jamm’n’…!



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